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Software for Motion and Manipulation Planning

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This work has been partially supported by:

  • FP7 Factory in a Day
  • Euroc project
  • ERC Actanthrope
  • PSPC Romeo 2
  • ANR Entracte
  • RoboCom++

Motion and Manipulation planning in C++

HPP is a C++ Software Developement Kit implementing path planning for kinematic chains in environments cluttered with obstacles. Collision checking is performed by a modified version of the Flexible Collision Library developed at University of North Carolina. Robots can be loaded from URDF model. It is a collection of software packages handled by cmake and pkg-config.


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Python interface for quick prototyping of problems

Python scripting is implemented via CORBA servers and idl interfaces in a seamless way. A few lines of Python code allows users to solve motion planning problems or design an planning algorithm.

Shipped with a graphical user interface

A visualization tool is provided to visualize obstacles, robot configurations and paths. It is extendible and allows to program manipulation motion, such as the Factory in a Day use case.

hpp-gui screenshot