Euroc challengers

There is a growing need for competitive solutions for the European robotics industry to maintain its leadership position in the domain of robotics manufacturing and services. To help boost inovation in the field of robotics in Europe, the Europe-wide competition for industrial robots EuRoC organises the following challenges targeting European teams of academic as well as industrial background:

1. Reconfigurable Interactive Manufacturing Cell (Challenge 1),

2. Shop Floor Logistic and Manipulation (Challenge 2),

3. Plant Servicing and Inspection (Challenge 3).

Each challenge represents an industrially relative problem in the field of robotics, and features the most auspicious application scenarios envisoned for the future of the European robotics industry. The challenges are versatile, consisting of multiple stages and concentrating on different robotics applications each. Robots of various kinds are utilised (fixed-base manipulators, mobile robots and aereal vehicles such as drones) with their specific challenges and points of interest.

The main aim of the EuRoC project is to bring the industrial and the research community closer to each other and promote active collaboration between the two, thus positively affecting the robotics industry in Europe.

For the completion of the various tasks comprised by the three challenges, team Gepetto at LAAS-CNRS propose an extended version of the HPP software. It is delivered as a basis which challengers may use to implement their own solutions.

Participants to the Euroc challenges should install the extended version of HPP from the download page.

These versions include robot models specific to each challenges as well as specific tutorials.